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Legend of the gyro (yee -ro)

First things first, how to pronounce gyro. Many believe this is (gi-ro), sorry friends, it is actually (yee -ro) and it means “round” in Greek.

Legend of the gyro is that it was brought to Greece by immigrants of Asia Minor in the 1920’s and pretty much around Greece you’ll find slight variation of the gyro. The name gyro (round) comes from the rotisserie’s the meat is cooked on. Gyros can be made with pork, chicken, beef or lamb and all delicious options and there is nothing like walking by a kitchen cooking Gyros…mmm good! Our gyros at Dino’s are beef and lamb.

In Greece, gyros are a fast food and meant to be eaten on the go, in a wrap and fries are typically found in your gyro, not on the side. Gyro restaurants and rotisserie’s are everywhere in Greece and it’s by far one of the most popular quick and delicious Greek foods. Another popular option at Gyro restaurants is “kalamaki” or “souvlaki” (skewers) and you typically buy them individual, half a dozen or full dozen and share with friends and family!

If you’ve never had gyro or souvlaki we highly recommend you visit Dino’s Greek and Italian Grill in beautiful Goodyear Arizona, we’d love to serve you!

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Unknown member
Jul 08, 2022

Hi Peter, what has happened to your website? It used to be colorful and eye catching and it used to have pictures of the actual food you serve. Now it’s dull and and full of stock photos, not appealing, not authentic. Very generic. Just offering some constructive criticism as someone who worked in marketing. Take care, Brad

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